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Ultimate Performance Tips: Introduction

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Start loving your audiences and turn followers into Super-fans!

Hey Music Makers

This is Live Music Producer, Ben Byler. I'm excited to be sharing with you 7 tips to creating engaging performances so you can connect better with your audiences and start building a lifetime of superfans. These tricks of the trade have been passed down over the years and are key to increasing sales growth and followers. I'm going to show you how. But it’s not just about the metrics for long term growth. Using these strategies in your performances will magically convert listeners to followers as you engage with them.

Now it's easy to follow trends and become a one-hit-wonder. That is certainly hot in the influencer scene and creating a quick social media following. It is also a tool that the record labels have used for years to pump out talent for short term success. We don’t want that. You want a solid foundation of recipes your audience will love to keep them coming back.

Are you stuck on your current stage or platform? Are your numbers or sales plateauing or you're just wanting to see better engagement from your current audience? I want to help you visualize a proven recipe for success to grow your fanbase. As they say in the movies, it's all about the journey and taking your audiences on that emotional roller coaster. You’ve got to connect with them from the beginning, know who they are, what they want, and what it is inside you that is going to connect and relate to them.

What I'm not going to focus on is the technical ability, discipline, and general music theory artists should already have to perform professionally. We’re also not going to show you the next marketing tool that will boost your likes and create artificial engagement. This series is going to help you define your music brand; so that, you can take your audiences on a journey with performances and content they’re never going to forget. You can take these tips and principles and apply them on any channel.

If you’re involved in any type of live music performance either producer or artist showcasing on social media for a virtual performance, or just getting your eyes set on your next live performance or music tour, then this series is for you! Stick this in your head. You were made to count! I want to help you get out there and keep your audiences focused on the right things to keep them coming back.

I want to pack as much information into this series as possible to make it count. At any time you can log-on to and enter a question into our comments section. Just look for the link that says let’s talk on your phone or web browser. Please let us know where you’re from and ask anything we can help you with. That will send us an email to and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Alright, now a little about me. For over 25 years I’ve traveled the world working with mega-companies and international talent. I’ve developed and coached hundreds of bands and 1000’s of artists. I've performed commercially on network TV, hosted my own shows, and shared the stage with many Award Winning Acts in the Country and Pop music markets. My passion as a live music producer has been in connecting artists with their stories to help inspire the next generation. This focus has led to growing audiences and superfans for artists and organizations on many platforms. For a little more info about me follow @benbylermusic on my social channels. My goal for this series is to give you as many tools as I can to get you started creating the right performance strategy you can use to inspire others to engage and connect.

Now first let me start by answering the three most frequently asked questions I hear from artists and organizations.

Do I need to have a large budget to get started growing an audience and creating superfans?

No. This training is not about how to grow a fan base with ad spending or pay for play views. This series is about creating the most impactful performances needed to build relationships and sustainable growth. We’re focusing you on the why you’re doing this first, then the how and what you need to build it.

Do I need a large social media following to get started?

No. The principles in this course I’m going to teach you will attract followers and anyone can use them for growth. If you follow all the steps, you’ll have plenty of ways to build engaging content to wow audiences; so that, more followers find you.

Isn’t the live performance virtual market oversaturated and already too big of a game to compete in as an independent artist?

No. The virtual content market is projected to triple in viewership over the next 5 years opening the door to many emerging artists. That’s a lot of revenue. If you have something to show or share, there’s a big opportunity for you to connect with a new audience and get a share of the pie.

I'm excited for you to get started with this series. I'm posting it first as a blog and will later be developing the series into a webinar with supplemental materials.

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