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Have your performance reviewed by industry experts and work to improve or create a strategy for your next performance. We will review and help you create the most dynamic and visually engaging performance you can for your audience that tells your story.  





Each submission will receive the following feedback:

- Perception and viewpoint of Audience

- Review of presentation for visual style, background/setting, audio and video quality

- 3 key constructive take-aways with detailed notes to improve your performance and presentation including how to create moments, convey charisma and authenticity

- Overall impression (what your fans see but never say)

- Review of social media channels to provide feedback in reference to submission (must provide social channels)

- Live Virtual Coaching Session for 1 hour to deliver feedback and provide enhanced strategy for your next performance


Why you are purchasing this service:

- You are a professional artist who would like to take their performances to the next level

- You want increased engagement through your performances from your audience/followers

- You are seeking REAL and meaningful feedback from an industry professional (FINALLY KNOW WHAT NO ONE IS TELLING YOU!)

- You want to improve your confidence during your performances

- You want to compete at the highest level as an artist

- You want to connect with your audience, grow your following, and collect super fans


How to get started today:

- Post your video to any platform including (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive ect.)

- Fill out the submission form and submit your video link via:

- You may submit up to 30 minutes of content for review

- We will review your submission and schedule a coaching session within 7-10 business days

Virtual Performance Review: Gold

$150.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
Virtual Review Pack
Subscribe and save 25%
$67.50every week for 3 weeks
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